Participating Organizations

Actors’ Theatre of Columbus is a performing arts theater troupe located in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1982 by Gary and Patricia Ellson, and was initially called Actors’ Summer Theatre. Actors’ Theatre presents plays by William Shakespeare and other time-honored authors with relevance to a contemporary audience. Actors’ performs outdoors from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend at Schiller Park in German Village.


Available Light is Ohio’s hippest and hottest presenter of new and original theatrical productions. AVLT is renowned by audiences and critics alike for bold creations by local artists and regional premieres of important new work by playwrights from around the globe.

We create theatre that other troupes do not and could not produce because we believe it is our duty as artists to engage our community, to examine our culture, and as we often put it, “to add to the sum total of joy and brotherhood (and sisterhood!) in the room.”


Dhvani, as the name implies, is about the performing arts of India. With an emphasis on Carnatic music and the cultural heritage and performing arts of South India, Dhvani has been started in order to have a robust organization to bring rich and diverse music and dance programs and other cultural events into Columbus and central Ohio and enrich the lives of all of us who live here.


eMBer Women’s Theatre’s mission is to produce published or original works that focus on the strength and perseverance of women through strong female characters.

Some of this world’s best theatrical examples of the female experience are not often produced. eMBer Women’s Theater was created to change that.


Evolution Theatre Company provides a supportive encouraging environment for celebrating the artistic vision of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer,questioning,intersex and ally (LGBTQQIA) individuals, advancing the understanding of gender issues, and fostering the expression of creative performance arts by and about the LGBTQQIA community.


MadLab Theatre is a non-profit organization that provides an artistic haven for the creation and experience of original works. It is a laboratory where individuals and ensembles are free to experiment without censor. Each year we produce seven to eight full-length original productions including “Theatre Roulette,” the longest-running annual shorts festival in Columbus. In addition, MadLab serves emerging artists by providing an affordable, quality venue to small arts organizations.


The Maroon Arts Group (MAG) is a collective of creatives who have galvanized to develop and provide a platform for conscious art centered around the preservation and promotion of cultures of African descent. As a result of being turned away from local theatres that promote African American art, a group of artists led by Sheri Neale, galvanized to bring the Baltimore, MD play, A Real Nigga Show to Columbus, Ohio in February 2015 with a sold out audience and a more than 100 person waiting list. A Real Nigga Show is a theatrical collection, directed by Troy Burton from Baltimore, Maryland, of short stories that depict the various stereotypes and sentiments associated with the “n word” and its implications in today’s society. MAG has also developed creative conversations around this controversial concept, A N___* W o r d E x p e r i e n c e , to educate and perpetuate the multiple meanings of the “ n w o r d ” . M A G has also brought an original production of local artists that captures the internal conflict of reaching one’s fullest potential, B lack Staccato. In efforts to continue its mission, MAG continues to provide a platform for conscious art with its monthly “open mic” sessions, ROOTS: An Open Expression of Identity and with its new endeavor Movement Pursuing Arts, Commerce & Community (M PACC).


Red Herring Productions is dedicated to creating artistic works that are profound, provocative, and professional while providing artists with the resources to surpass their own boundaries and enrich the broader community.

Red Herring Productions produces theatrical pieces that we feel passionately about, find creatively stimulating, and believe that Columbus audiences deserve and wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see. Since our re-launch in 2013, Red Herring has been bringing such work to the people of Central Ohio.


Streetlight Guild is a 501(c)(3) performing arts organization that curates events across disciplines with an emphasis on Columbus-based, original, and underrepresented voices.


Wild Goose Creative is about a lot of things: sustainable partnerships and artistic collaborations. It’s about giving artists resources and facilitating their work. It’s about creating a space for people to experience art and engage each other, to tell stories and listen. It's about participating in the growing arts culture of Columbus, Ohio. Mostly, Wild Goose Creative is about helping to build a vibrant community of people who care about creativity.

Our mission: To build a creative community at the intersection of art, risk and meaning.